ASTACAP Meets MCYO, September 2009

The first MD/DC Studio Teachers Meeting of the 2009-2010 season was held on September 14, 2009, at the home of President-elect Catherine Stewart.

Pablo Saelzer, conductor of the Montgomery County Youth Orchestras Chamber Orchestra, along with MCYO Philharmonic conductor David Levin, discussed what the orchestra needs from studio teachers, and heard what the teachers need from the orchestras. Those present discussed developing a committee to be a liaison between youth orchestras and ASTA MD/DC. Interested members can contact Dorée Huneven or Cathy Stewart. See the Contact Us page.

Following this discussion was a presentation by Lya Stern, ASTACAP Chair. Teachers who were unfamiliar with the program learned how to plan for the ASTACAP exams, how to introduce the program to students and their parents, how to integrate preparation for exams with the usual lesson plans in the studio, how to motivate students to excel, and how to assure success at the exams. There was an explanation of the exams, their purpose, focus, and judging criteria.


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