ASTACAP Exams Held on May 31, 2015

The 2015 Spring ASTACAP Exams were held on May 31, 2015, at Temple Beth Ami in Rockville, Maryland.

A total of 39 students participated—35 on violin, 2 on viola and 2 on cello.
Foundation through Level 6:    30 students
Levels 7 through 10:                  9 students

The following teachers sent students, several for the first time:
Javier Godinez, Margo Guillory, Slavica Ilic, Shelley Mathews, Hanna Morford, Vasily Popov, Jean Provine, Judy Shapiro, Effie Shu, Judy Silverman, and Lya Stern.

The examiners were Lynne Denig, Lynelle Morse, Cathy Stewart, and Carol Stone.

The overall level of preparation was high, testimony to the hard work of the teachers and their students.

The Certificate Program has been undergoing a review by the National ASTACAP Committee. As a result the evaluation form used at this exam was a new one. The new form is based on a points system with 50 (Moderate) being passing and 100 (Outstanding) being maximum. Helpful and encouraging comments from the judges continue to be part of the evaluation.

The revised ASTACAP Handbook is now available, free for ASTA members, on the National website.

There are several important changes regarding memorization, (no longer required but is graded) the form for grading and evaluation, as well as some repertoire changes. Please be sure to review these changes as you prepare your students for the next exams.

Preparing several scales, etude, one or more pieces and sight reading for the ASTACAP exam motivates students and contributes greatly to their progress. Our chapter is pleased to continue to offer exams twice a year.

The next exams are February 21, 2016, and June 5, 2016, at Temple Beth Ami in Rockville, as before. Our new application form will be available online on our website.

Co-chairs of the Spring Exams are Lya Stern and Mark Pfannschmidt.

Photo 1, L to R: Lenelle Morse, judge; Carol Stone, judge; Lynne Denig, judge.

Photo 2, L to R: Mark Pfannschmidt, ASTACAP Co-chair; Lya Stern, ASTACAP Co-chair; Javier Godinez, ASTA member teacher.

Photo credit: Lorraine Combs

Lenelle, Carol, Lynne

Mark, Lya, Javier


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