ASTACAP Exams Held on June 1, 2014

The 2014 Spring ASTACAP exams were held at Temple Beth Ami in Rockville, Maryland.

Many teachers sent students for the first time, in addition to the teachers who have been regulars for many years, bringing the total of participating teachers to nineteen.

Teachers who sent students were: Susan Bower, Karin Brown, Julianna Chitwood, Ann Miranda Cooter, Lorraine Combs, Sarah Dudas, Javier Godinez, Margo Guillory, Slavica Ilic, Alison Bazala Kim, Catherine Mikelson, Shelley Mathews, Anne Marie Patterson, Mark Pfannschmidt, Jean Provine, Effie Shu, Judy Silverman, Lya Stern, Chienmo Wu and Yauheniya Zianouka.

The level of preparation was higher than ever with most students earning top grades.
Sixty-one students participated on violin, viola, and cello at the following levels:

Foundation:  1
Level 1:        8
Level 2:        8
Level 3:        5
Level 4:      10
Level 5:      12
Level 6:        5
Level 7:        8
Level 10:      4

The violin/viola examiners were: Doug Dube, Dorée Huneven, and Cathy Stewart.
The cello examiner was Jonathan Velsey.

Next exams will take place on February 22, 2015 and May 31, 2015. For information on preparing your students for exams, please look at the Certificate Advancement Program page on this website.

Lya Stern and Mark Pfannschmidt are the ASTACAP MD/DC co-chairs.

Photos, top to bottom
1. Lya Stern and Mark Pfannschmidt, ASTACAP co-chairs
    Photo credit: Lorraine Combs
2. Mark Pfannschmidt and Julianna Chitwood
    Photo credit: Lorraine Combs
3. Student Katy Getsinger and accompanist mom, Caryn Getsinger
    Photo credit: Lorraine Combs
4. Examiner Doug Dube and student Eliza Henny
    Photo credit: Lya Stern
5. Sarah Dudas and Jean Provine
    Photo credit: Lorraine Combs

Lya and Mark

Julianna and Mark

Katy and Caryn Getsinger

 Eliza Henny and Dube

Sarah and Jean



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