Studio Teachers Meeting, May 2014

“Motivating Teenagers”
by Dorée Huneven

Propelled by the topic of motivating teenagers, a group of six ASTA studio teachers were themselves motivated to discuss problems and solutions they found in their own studios. At the Studio Teachers Meeting on May 14, 2014, he discussion went around the room, with each teacher contributing some remarkable ideas, and the others adding comments, details, and anecdotes. All agreed that as teenagers become busier, more independent, interested in other activities and emotionally fragile or rebellious, teachers are challenged to find ways to sustain their interest in studying their instruments pleasurably, constructively and relevantly. Some ideas that were explored were: finding great repertoire, providing social situations in which to play music, and relating to one’s teenage students compassionately and maturely. A key idea to emerge was that we are teaching the student, not the subject matter. After a lively and fruitful discussion, all adjourned for lunch and more talk. At the home of Dorée Huneven.

In the photo: Jeff Aaron, Lenelle Morse, Eleanor Woods, Grace Boeringer and Jean Provine

Photo credit: Dorée Huneven

Studio Teachers Meeting May 2014


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