ASTACAP Exams Held on May 5, 2013

The 2013 ASTACAP Spring Exams were held in a new location: Temple Beth Ami in Rockville, Maryland. The co-chairs were Lya Stern and Mark Pfannschmidt.
Eleven teachers participated:

Klara Berkovich
Lorraine Combs (pictured below)
Ken Ding
Margot Guillory
Slavica Ilic
Mark Pfannschmidt (pictured below)
Jean Provine
Effie Shu
Judy Silverman
Lya Stern
Chienmo Wu

There were 55 students, including 4 violists and 5 cellists. Students played exams at the following levels:

Foundation:     4
Levels 1–3:    21
Levels 4–6:    20
Levels 7–10:  10

Congratulations to all who played exams, and thanks to our examiners: Dr. Gerald Fischbach, Nancy Kredel (pictured below), Hilde Singer, and Kerry Van Laanen.

Mark, Nancy, Lorraine




Mark Pfannschmidt, Nancy Kredel, and Lorraine Combs


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