MSMTA/ASTA Solo Strings Festival, April 2013

The annual MSMTA/ASTA Solo Festival for Strings took place on Sunday, April 7, 2013, at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland, College Park. Violinists, violists, cellists, plus guitar and harp players, ages 6–17 performed. Teachers with participating students served as adjudicators and helpers. All the students received a critique sheet and certificate of participation. Award ribbons were given for outstanding performances. This is the fifth year of ASTA’s collaboration with MSMTA for this event.

Below is a list of first place winners:

Julia Marie Angelov
Shanka Balasubramanian
Sabrina Bradford
Connor Chaikowsky
Ryan Cho
Cara Kuo Chow
Joanna Choi
Yuka Kabota
Julia Kim
Nisholas Kim
Na Hyun Kyun
Jeremy Hess
Alanna Lee
Edward Lee
Noah Lee
Michelle Li
Shannon Lock
Jana Lu
Jason Lu
Eileen Moudou
Ilan Naill
Lillian Naill
Noelle Midori Naito
Tatsuya Ozu
Andy Pu
Ilan Naill
Simran Rosborough
Eleanor Shen
Sooah Sohn
Spencer Tate
Teddi Yoo
Yanglan Xu
Hannah Ting Ting Zhang

Steven Lu
Katherine Sohn
Justin Yi

Gloria Cai
Samuel Kim
Sean Kim
Elena Shih
Rachel Kim
Leena Shin
Justin Song
Minjoo Song
Jenna Wang
Raymond Lin

Nicolaas Heemskerk

Nora Clancy Kelsall


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