Studio Teachers Meeting, February 2011

by Dorée Huneven

The topic for the Studio Teachers’ Meeting on February 14, 2011, was “One Size Cannot Fit All.”  The presenter was ASTA MD/DC President-Elect Dan Levitov. Dan discussed whether teachers should use a uniform approach, or one that is custom-tailored to each student. Over a wide range of teaching topics, including body positioning, repertoire, etudes, types of lessons, practicing, lesson pacing, and language, Dan came out on the side of experimentation and the bravery to do so. “There are no cookie cutters at my house,” he said. “We must play to the strengths of our students and play against them.” After his presentation, a lively discussion ensued. This lecture will be presented at the ASTA National Conference in March 2011 in Kansas City, and in the hopes of the attendees of this meeting, will also become a fine article.

Dan Levitov


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