ASTA/MSMTA Solo Strings Festival, May 2010

The annual MSMTA/ASTA Spring Solo Festival for Strings took place on Sunday, May 23, 2010, at Howard Community College in Columbia, Maryland. One hundred fifty students performed for a small audience of parents and friends in twenty sessions scheduled by age. Area teachers served as adjudicators and helpers. All the students received a critique sheet and certificate of participation; and award ribbons were given for outstanding performances.

This is the second year of ASTA’s collaboration with MSMTA for this event. This year it was good to see that over half of the 35 participating teachers were ASTA members or members of both organizations.
Below is a list of first place winners:
1st place winners
Grace Carney
Yunjae Ryan Cho
Brian Choo
Elizabeth Gange
Benjamin Hoyt
Grace Kim
Julia Kim
Sarah Kim
Karen LeDuc
Nicole Lee
Noah Lee
Andrew Lu
Jana Lu
Noelle Naito
Lexi Nguyen
Rayna Qian
Audrey Tirrell
Veronica Whelan
Sharona Yen
Andrew Yung

1st place winners
Jessica Hu
Hubert Huang
Kevin Jiang
Raymond Lin
Judy Wang
Shing Ann Yeh

1st place winners
Andrew Calem
Vivian Feldblyum
Alexander Romanov
Daniel Yarmovsky


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